What do businesses traditionally do with the leads they capture?

You might call them or send them an email. If they don’t respond, you’ll probably try again or send them another email. If they still don’t respond, you might even try a second time.

How many time should you follow up with a Prospect?

If you are like most small business people, you stop trying to contact the prospect and it ends up in the trash.

The truth is that most people are not ready to buy.


In fact, take any group of people and offer them your product and you’ll find that as many as 90% of those people have no interest in purchasing at this stage.

Even more startling is the fact that 81% of sales happen after seven or more contacts with prospects. More than 85% of sales people will stop after the 2nd contact.

Nurturing is about engaging the 90% of your prospects with a longer series of educational information – providing them with the information that helps them move into the “ready-to-buy” group.

If you did this manually, one-by-one, it would be a long and tiresome process.

Nurturing through automated marketing, makes this really simple because you can “drip-feed” your marketing collateral at just the right time helping each and every one of the arrive at the same conclusion – that there is no other solution.

Could you imagine how much business you’d be potentially throwing away if you had to do this manually?

What’s the cost in your business of not making the additional 4 to 5 contacts to each of your prospects?

And, how much would it be worth to you if you could convert an extra 10% of the leads that would ordinarily get thrown into the trash.

The reason most people don’t stay in touch this often is because they simply forget, or its just too much work.

But, with Automated Marketing, it is now possible to guide your website’s visitors into providing you with their details, educating them and, through the Convert Sales stage, create a potentially endless stream of revenue.