Converting prospects into sales is probably one of the most challenging, but important aspect of operating a small business.

Before converting sales, small businesses need to attract interest, capture leads and nurture prospects.

Here’s an inside look at how and why Infusionsoft is a great tool to help small businesses increase sales from the leads they generated.

The Convert Sales stage of Lifecycle Marketing is the step that makes it easy for prospects to purchase your products and services. By the time a person reaches this stage of your sales and marketing process, they should be educated about the problems that you solve, established trust with you and ultimately are ready to take the next step and make a financial commitment.

A conversion can simply mean that you’ve made it easy for them to pull out their credit cards and buy your products and services. If you don’t typically sell online, then it’s also the method of engaging people into sales-focused conversations with a member of your sales team.

Ultimately, you turn your prospect into a customer.

There are 5 ways to take an order with Infusionsoft.

  1. Manual Order

    If you have a product or service with a variable price, then using the manual ordering approach is quite useful.

  2. Infusionsoft Order Form

    If you’re bundling up products and services specific for a customer, then it is possible to create and send an order form. Your customer would then complete their details and provide payment.

  3. Your Website’s Store + Infusionsoft Cart

    It is possible to create your own online store filled with products. During checkout, the customer is sent to the Infusionsoft cart for them to enter their payment details.

  4. Infusionsoft Store + Infusionsoft Cart

    Just use the fully integrated Infusionsoft e-Commerce functionality and allow your customers to shop and purchase directly through Infusionsoft. Easy-as…All-in-one.

  5. Application Programming Interface (API)

    Advanced businesses often have specialised product configuration functions and prefer to keep visitors completely on their site. Using the API, you can process payments without the customer ever leaving the site.

At this point, you’re on the home stretch of implementing Lifecycle Marketing. You’ve attracted interest from your target audience, delivered valuable content to them, nurtured them — and now, they have purchased your products and services.

Your job isn’t over yet. The next step is to Deliver & Satisfy so they are thrilled with doing business with you.